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Hook and loop fasteners are being used in all different kinds of products in many sectors. For almost 40 years Alfatex® has developed and provided industrial hook and loop fastening system in every shape, type and size. In this webshop companies can order the most common types of hook and loop tape.

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Hook and loop tape for industrial applications

Alfatex offers the following common hook and loop fasteners for companies:

Hook and Loop tape

Mushroom and Velour tape


In a market where higher standards are in constant demand, we are continuously developing new hook and loop products that satisfy the set requirements. We have a vast and continually growing knowledge of many market sectors and provide a balanced combination of innovative technology and strict quality control. Based on these properties, our company has become well known in the industrial world. Alfatex touch and close fastening systems can be found in almost every industrial application.

Customised hook and loop fasteners

Besides our standard products Alfatex also produces customised hook and loop fasteners. Are you interested in customised hook and loop tape. Feel free to contact us or fill in the contact form. We can provide you with the perfect solution and the best personal service.


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